Refugee’s Streets Of Tijuana

Over 3000 Refugees from Haiti have come in to Tijuana, Mexico on a weekly basis seeking asylum in the US due to how bad their situation has gotten in their own country. One of the nonprofit organizers we are supporting with pro bono work is asking for your help to assist in opening a shelter to give them their basic needs such as FOOD, WATER, SHELTER, CLOTHING, MEDICINE.   Please visit for help. This nation hasn’t recovered from the over 100,000 who died in the last Earth Quake. Another 1000 people just died in this year’s Hurricane. And you Can Email Daivd Here –

Sales Without Failure: Overcome These 8 Types of Sales Fear

Do you want to sell without feeling rejected? Do you want sell without begging, bribing or bragging? Do you want to feel confident and effective every time you interact with a prospect (even if they say no?)? The answer lies in re framing these 8 fears you have when it comes to selling:      (image cred: High Probability Selling Blog)   Others: How to get more clients by COnvertport COnvertport  Automate my...