Shola Abidoye

Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer of CONVERTport

use this on podcast interviewAngelaShola Abidoye is the Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer of CONVERTport (formerly Digital Author Labs) and speaks on behalf of the company. She’s grown 3 businesses by 10,000% in 5 years and many of the firm’s clients are market leading business owners who are also  NY Times, USA Today and best selling experts. Trained as an economist at Swarthmore College, Oxford University and Sweden’s Royal Institute of Technology,  she began her career in financial services and consulting working with Fortune 500 companies (at Citigroup and the Corporate Executive Board (NYSE:EXBD) ).
 Her first venture in the digital space was acquired by a B2B online lead generation company in 2012. A proud Native Washingtonian of American and Nigerian descent, she lives between D.C., Europe and the sunny Mexican Riviera where she supports a local nonprofit. Her mission is to support our country’s intergenerational transfer of wealth and knowledge as more baby boomer owned private businesses come on the market.
Possible Interview Questions:
What’s the biggest mistake companies make when it comes to growing their scalable digital sales?
What’s the 80/20 strategy for growing business value through CRSP™ sales automation?
What do most lower middle market and small businesses get wrong when it comes to online advertising?
How is a lack of a clearly defined understanding of the customer/client buying cycle and selling cycle cripping most companies?

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