The Scalable Sales Solution That Grows Revenue & Business Value Easily.

Our combined experience includes over 30 years of driving revenue, profitability and business value both for small entrepreneurial firms as well as the world’s largest and most respected Fortune 500 and FTSE Euro Top 100 Companies Collectively, we have:

1. Bought and sold over 25 Billion Ad Impressions (25, 000, 000, 000) 2. Generated over 1 Million Targeted, Qualified B2B and B2C Sales Leads 3. Created over 25,000 Loyal, Highly Profitable Recurring Revenue & High LTV Customers / Clients


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According to WSJ, Forbes and CNBC, in as little as 10 years there will be 2+ million baby boomers retiring from business ownership.  When the owner leaves, the company’s best sales person goes as well. What we are facing as a society is chilling. Each year, hundreds of thousands of otherwise healthy businesses close that shouldn’t. By empowering business owners with a controllable, repeatable, scalable, predictable sales system (that’s transferable to any new buyer or operator) not only do companies boost their revenues and profitability, they also increase their business value and sellability (the key to our nation’s intergenerational transfer of private company wealth.

A Gr.a.a.S™ Agency - WHOM WE SERVE

We offer the first of its kind Growth As A Service Gr.a.a.S™ answer to ambitious small business owners and lower middle market portfolio companies who crave a controllable, repeatable, scalable and predictable sales solution – our patent-pending CRSP technology.


Our core value proposition is simple: we automate the entire sales life cycle through the 3 pillars of digital sales growth: market-research based 80/20 customer data segmentation and analysis; paid lead and customer acquisition; and, advanced marketing and sales automation using the CONVERTPort software as a service platfrom.

Our Story

At CONVERTPort, we believe that small businesses and lower middle market companies should have access to the same strategies, services and software solutions as the “big guys and gals”. We’re democratizing how big data, customer acquisition and 3rd generation sales and marketing automation are deployed to the market.

Shola Abidoye

Shola Abidoye


As a serial entrepreneur, Shola has spent more than 15 years generating new business, acquiring qualified leads, and creating new clients and customers for: small businesses, startups, consulting firms and financial services firms. Previous:  Corporate Executive Board (NYSE:EXBD), Citigroup (Smith Barney), Analysis Group Economics Credentials: Swarthmore College,  Oxford University, The Royal Institute of Technology, KTH (Stockholm), School of Hard Business Knocks (PHD) Successful Exit:  2012
Leon Henry

Leon Henry


As an entrepreneur and seasoned technology professional, Leon has spent more than 20 years managing IT projects for startups, small businesses and global financial services organizations. Using the internet’s most popular ecommerce, payment, ad tech, content management, and crm solutions  he’s designed, developed and implemented organizational information systems, software applications, and IT support and infrastructure. He always keeps an eye on efficiency, scalable business growth capacity and ways to enhance owner / shareholder value. Previous: Lazard, Thompson Financial and Nasdaq Technology: PHP, Advanced CRM integration, ad platform integration, API integration, MY Access, MYSQL, Oracle, SQL, Unix, Linux Server, Sun Solaris Administration, CRM, RTB ad platforms, Demand-Side ad Platforms
Khan Gurbuxani

Khan Gurbuxani


Khan Gurbuxani is new to the Convertport team and a rising star. As a sales process engineering analyst, his work includes:  customer segmentation research, analytics, app  integrations implementation, sales process campaign set up. Credentials: B.S.C., St. Michael’s College
Melody Lawson

Melody Lawson

Client Services Analyst

Melody Lawson has more than 20 years of client service experience both with public and private organizations across sales, transportation, healthcare and accounting.  She has a knack for turning strangers into friends and enjoys getting to know the needs of our international clients. Melody has mastered the art of listening and takes pride in doing so. Originally from Washington State,  she now lives in Baja, California, Mexico where she also  volunteers for Cruz Roja Mexicana, The Red Cross.  She has also served as Co-Chairperson with Relay for Life, leading event planning for Survivors and MeXOXO, a social entrepreneurial company that empowers young women to build their own businesses. In her free time Melody enjoys spending time with her family, reading, the beach, meditation and energy healing, yoga, pilates, and creating jewelry.