The Magic of Creating Lifetime Recurring Revenue Customers

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Shola Abidoye (SHO-LA AH-BEE-DOY) is a serial international entrepreneur, private equity investor and author.

She’s also the Co-Founder of the predictable sales technology that turns website clicks into clients. Her team has bought and sold 25+ Billion sales ad impressions, generated 100,000+ profitable business and consumer leads and create 25,000+ customers, lifetime recurring revenue customers among them. She lives between the East Coast, Europe and 526 ft from the beach on the Baja, Mexican Riviera where she goes to think, write, produce, conduct market research and support a local nonprofit.

Do You Have Time To Read 1000 Books?

Raised by a family of Engineers, Shola’s interest in internet marketing came easy for her.

On a Spring day in Sweden, while reading Guardian Newspaper (Sweden’s Largest Newspaper Company) one article in particular caught her attention, “1000 Greatest Books You Have to Read before You Die”.

The thought of getting to read this incredible list really inspired Shola.  She absolutely loves reading books and could just imagine how great it would be to absorb all the knowledge those books had to offer.

…And The Catch…

It would take YEARS and YEARS to read each and every book on that list IF Shola had a regular job. A regular job meant time away from home and less time for herself…and more importantly, it meant less time for reading. For Shola, the question shifted from “Can I Read This Incredible List Of 1000 Books?” to “How Can I?”.

Although she was very successful working as an Investment Banker for Top Fortune 500 companies like City Group and The Corporate Executive Board, she knew that she really needed to have the financial freedom and time to enjoy her passion for reading, traveling and living life to the fullest.

So, with a simple search for “How To Get Rich”, she stumbled upon the new “Internet Marketing” space.

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How To Work Internet Marketing Like A Rockstar

Often, when someone starts on their journey, they take on other people’s goals and values.

Shola says, that won’t work.  If you want to be truly independent, then you need to have your own values and goals.  Live life for you.

When you finalize your list of passions…what really drives you, what you absolutely love, then you have the exact list of niches you should be selling into.  Shola can say this without hesitation, because she’s living her dream.

She enjoys getting to talk about her passions AND she gets paid for it.

What has created so much success for Shola, is she is able to immerse herself in systematizing the online sales and marketing process.  This means, she’s always getting solid conversions, through a well thought out and profitable sales funnel, with high quality traffic.

Once it’s set up correctly, it performs like clockwork and Shola gets the time to pursue the things she’s most passionate about.

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3 Secrets To Internet Marketing Success

Like most entrepreneurs just starting out, Shola had failures…made some classic mistakes and yes, she didn’t let that stop her.

Not content with the status quo, she made it a point to read a book about internet marketing every day she listened to every webinar she could find on the subject and even attended internet marketing events whenever possible.

After all of that, she was finally able to answer the most important business question you can ask: “At the end of the day, Am I getting the end result that I want?”

Through her many trials, failures and frustrations, Shola finally made her first big breakthrough.

It was when she discovered the “3 Secrets” to Success”:

  • Every person who has a successful business has become a professional revenue generator.

If you’re doing something professionally, you’ll know by the consistent results you’re getting paid for. If you’re not getting consistent results, then what you have is a hobby.

“A professional is someone who does something for income. Someone who gets consistent results” – Shola

Every entrepreneur has to take care of their cash flow. Expenses flow in and out consistently, so if you as an entrepreneur don’t make the shift to become a professional, then your expenses will suffer tremendously.   So don’t play around.  Get serious about cashflow.

“As a successful entrepreneur, you have to become a professional at generating revenue” – Shola

  • You have to understand that the single most important skill you need to master, is how to generate new customers and clients…and make it consistent, controllable and scalable. Understanding and mastering this aspect of your business will help you get the results you’ve always wanted for your business.

“When you have an investor’s mindset, you will start making decisions that are driven by the numbers as opposed to what feels good” – Shola

“If you can make it work just once… then you can do it again and again” – Shola

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  • Realize and Accept the fact that if you don’t have customers, you don’t have a business.

Sadly, most entrepreneurs are confused about which Social Media Channels to use. Should we use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn or any of the others? Should we produce audio podcasts or start a webinar? What you must understand is that you HAVE to secure clients first and filter out the noise.

Focus on strategies for creating a repeatable acquisition of customers for your business.

The question should be “Which one is going to bring me the best customers at the right price?” and “How much time do I have to put in?” (If you’re doing paid acquisitions) “How much money do I have to invest in paid traffic? Lastly, Will this really help me resonate with my audience?”

Focus On Income Generating Activities

If you have any doubts about whether or not your plans and strategies will work, Shola’s suggestion is that if you can make it work at least once, then you can do it over and over again. You just have to stick to it so that you can be consistent because sometimes you just need to focus first on the few things that really work.

3 Big Social Media Strategy Questions To Ask Yourself….

Follow the below questions to ask yourself.  The answer will tell you if you’re really working on a focused, revenue generating strategy.

  1. The task I’m currently doing using Social Media – Is it generating leads?
  2. Is this task helping me to qualify leads?
  3. Am I fine tuning my conversation with leads?

These are the only direct income generating activities that you have to focus on whenever you are on Social Media. If you’re doing even just one of these three things, then you’re on your way to a focused, income generating strategy.


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The Biggest Myth When It Comes To ROI And Social Media Marketing

ROI as a term in general, is just money in-money out, “Return On Investment”. Shola pointed out that it’s also important to factor in your ROTI which stands for “Return On Time Investment”.

It’s really important for you to understand, that sales is “Lead Conversion” and Marketing is “Lead Generation”.

What’s the big challenge with that?

People often times, use social media without distinguishing first, which activities are sales activities and which are marketing activities. Before using the power of social media, you have to ask yourself:

Why I am using social media?

Most people use the term sales and marketing interchangeably but they are totally different. You will know if your marketing efforts are fruitful and effective is by the number of qualified leads you have on your list.  As you continue, you will know if your Sales activities are effective by the number of leads you’re converting into sales.

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High Power Profit Formula That Will Work In Any Business

What is CRSP?


Using her trademarked business system, Shola has created a formula that distills the sales and marketing process down to the most basic essence.  With this incredible process, you can manage quality traffic to your site, increase conversions and ultimately, get new customers in a “Controlled, Repeatable, Scalable and Predictable” manner.

You might ask, “How will I know that if I put a dollar in, I’ll get a dollar out? That is exactly what CRSP is all about.

CRSP enables you to take your business through a step by step process and analyze what is your 80/20 strength ratio and then building a paid ad and an email marketing automation sequence that is tied to your unique strengths. Shola is very passionate about helping people and helping you to have a consistent business income. Her mission over the next 16 months is to get this message and system out to one million entrepreneurs.

If you want to check out her platform and sign up for a sales funnel diagnostic, Shola will step through your entire sales funnel and point out your leverage points and where you’re not getting it right.


Listen To the Full Episode Here: