Training and education puts a system in place for entrepreneurs learning how to succeed with Shola Abidoye

Podcast 2015-07-16 09-17-14

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Build a system which will allow you to Focus on what makes you unique is what is discussed today on the champion entrepreneur. Shola gives valuable advice for individuals just starting out on their journey.

Shola Abidoye, seriel entrepreneur is the Chief Executive Officer of Convertport and the world’s leading expert in CRSP(TM). This is the Controllable, Repeatable, Scalable and Predictable sales technology that grows your revenues and business sellability without you – so you can focus on the most fun, profitable and impactful aspects of your business. Her first online venture was acquired in in 2012. She lives between the East Coast, Europe and the Mexican Riviera.

To touch 1 million business owners through her team to help them be world-class as entrepreneurs.

She’s taking steps forward to accomplish this goal by launching an apprentice program for future and would be entrepreneurs. This training will be to develop the proper education and learning system for entrepreneurs.



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Listen To the Full Episode Here: