Have you ever wanted to start your own business but it seemed too overwhelming?

c492c2f9e3_1466618146193There’s A SECRET way you can do it without all the work! Sometimes we have an idea of what a good business would be but don’t have the vision or the wherewithal to start it from scratch. There is another way!

Remember when .. or at least stories of, since this is becoming more and more rare, great grandpa started a business and it was handed down to the next generation for years. Businesses stayed in the family and/or the family stayed in the business. Not so much any more. We’ve become more independent and likely to go out and follow our own hearts to build our life’s work.

The good news is this creates a whole new niche of businesses that reach their supposed end where owners wish there was someone out there that would love it as much as they do. This is a great opportunity!

So what about it, think there’s a business out there waiting to jump into your lap, I do! Go out there, do some research, put out feelers, open the door and see what walks through. The following interview at OUR site, convertport.com, with Jim Cumbee from June 2015 might give you some insights. It’s about an exit plan for your business but look at it from the buyer’s perspective and you’ll benefit from both. http://convertport.com/cta