The Strategies And Tactics Shola Abidoye Uses To Grow Her Companies 10,000%

015- In the Know with Shola Abidoye - In The Know 2015-10-28 08-13-44


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Shola Abidoye comes from a family of engineers, and her own background is in economics, so this is woman who knows her numbers. And she’s used that knowledge to build several startups from scratch – both with and without venture capital – and to grow her companies as much as 10,000 percent in just one year.

The secret, she says, is in creating systems that ensure you focus on three core growth activities – and stop wasting time on the tasks that don’t generate revenue. She breaks down her system in detail, so you can implement it in your own business for immediate results.

You’ll also hear from Shola her best growth tip, how to hire effective team members, and how to determine your own strengths and weaknesses so that you can do the things you do best and outsource the rest. Let’s get you IN THE KNOW!


  • How thinking of traffic as a market can improve your business.
  • What one CEO working 80 hours a week discovered with a simple exercise. #TimeManagement
  • How to recognize the stall points in your business – and what to do when you hit them.
  • The three core activities you should focus on for growth. #BusinessGoals
  • How to break your revenue goals down to create a daily action plan.
  • Why you can’t just do what works for someone else and expect to see great results.
  • The mistake Shola sees many marketers make – at the expense of growth.
  • The connection between Chinese water torture and lead generation.


Listen To the Full Episode Here: